For almost 5 years, I have been carrying this heavy cross “by myself” trying to find the elusive cure for my child who have Functional Disconnection.

However I realized that I can’t carry this burden alone without the help of others, now that I have discovered the NEXT BEST thing to a cure for Functional Disconnection. Reason is that this “combination & comprehensive” cure is very expensive. No one can afford it unless they are super rich.

Hence I am starting this “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative for the establishment of “The LIGHT At The End Of The Tunnel” – A Foundation For Research & Recovery for all kids with Functional Disconnection.

All funds raised by this effort will be for the benefit of all children with Functional Disconnection. Not only my child but all kids with Functional Disconnection will be able to receive their holistic medical treatments and therapies completely free of charge.


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