How to open your “2cash Network” eWallet account and make a transfer (donation) to “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative.


Suggested minimum amount of US$104* is needed to load your “2cash Network” account and make a transfer (donation) to our fund raising campaign if you are using your debit/credit card.

This whole process of opening a “2cash Network” eWallet account and making a transfer (donation) to “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative might take you longer than a few minutes to complete specially if you are doing it the first time.

Hope this “Step By Step Quick Guide” can help you help us.

Thank you for your patience, support & understanding.


STEP 1 – Opening your “2cash Network” eWallet account

  • From your desktop/laptop computer/tablet or smart phone, go to or to the “2cash Network” website link provided by your contact who also donated to this “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative (NOTE: best use Google Chrome browser).
  • Then click the “START HERE” button located at the bottom part of the “2cash Network” website link.
  • Input all the required information in the “2cash Network” registration page then press the “REGISTER HERE” button to submit. Don’t forget your username, password and the email address you have submitted.
  • You will then have to login to your email account and find the “2cash Network” confirmation email letter send to your inbox (NOTE: please check also your spam/junk/bulk mail too as it might be there…sometimes) and click the link inside the email to confirm your “2cash Network” registration.
  • Once “2cash Network” registration is confirmed, you now have a valid “2cash Network” eWallet account.



STEP 2 – Load your “2cash Network” eWallet account using your debit/credit card

  • You can now launch your “2cash Network” eWallet account using your web browser ( with the username you have provided during the 2cash Network registration process.
  • On the upper right portion of your “2cash Network” website (if you are using a desktop or laptop computer), you will find the “LOGIN” button. Press that button. Then input your “2cash Network” username and password to login to your account.
  • Once login, you will notice in the left portion of your “2cash Network” Member Centre (MC) the 3 box buttons. Press the “2cash eWallet” button (NOTE: in order to launch your eWallet properly, please make sure to turn off your browser’s popup blocker. This will allow the eWallet to open and run securely in a new session/new tab).
  • Inside your 2cash eWallet dashboard, you will noticed under “Main Operations” menu section the “Announcements” button. Press that button, then choose the field “Order 2cash with credit or debit card”.
  • Then click the highlighted field “Order 2cash with your credit/debit card” inside that section. A pop-up new window will appear showing the order page. Input your email address and your “2cash Network” username. Choose then the amount you want to load into your 2cash eWallet account. Suggested minimum amount of US$104* is needed to support “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative.
  • After choosing the amount, then input all the credit/debit card required information. Press the “PAY” button when you are sure all details are complete and correct.
  • A confirmation message will appear to acknowledge your payment. Please wait for a few minutes for your 2cash eWallet account to show your new balance amount after the order process. (NOTE: processing time will depend on how fast the approval of the bank that issued your credit/debit card).



Step 3 – Order your “AC20” Affiliate Centre (membership upgrade from Member Centre) so that you can make a transfer (donation) to “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative

  • Now that you have ordered your 2cash using your credit/debit card and your 2cash eWallet account is showing your new balance amount. You will proceed to order now your “AC20 Affiliate Centre (membership upgrade from “basic” Member Centre).
  • From the same 2cash eWallet dashboard, under the “Main Operations” menu section, press the “Order AC” button. You will then see the “AC20 monthly subscription” page details.
  • Click or tick then the small box with the message “Yes, debit my 2cash for the product order” and press the “Order Now” button on the lower right portion of that webpage.



Step 4 – Make a transfer (donation) to “2cash Network” account username – elkapitan2

  • To make a transfer (donation) to “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative. Go to the “Services” menu section of your 2cash eWallet dashboard. Press it and you will see the services available. Then press the “Funds Transfer” button under it.
  • Then on the “Funds Transfer” page, click or tick the “Send Funds” for the “Mode” section.
  • Then input “elkapitan2”  in the “Filter username” blank space area and press the search icon beside it. The account number and the (First Name – Mau Fung, Last Name – Chan) of “elkapitan2” username will appear under it (NOTE: elkapitan2 is the official 2cash username associated with “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative.
  • Press the “Transfer” button beside it. A pop-up window will appear with the message “How much you want to transfer?” Enter the transfer amount “80” in the blank space area then press the “Transfer” button (NOTE: if your 2cash eWallet balance is $80 after you have process “Order AC”, then your transfer amount is $80 only).
  • A pop-up message “Please check your email for the PIN” will appear.
  • Go to your email inbox and look for the “noreply” 2cash letter, open it and look for the “Secure PIN” number (NOTE: please check also your spam/junk/bulk mail too as it might be there…sometimes).
  • Copy the “Secure PIN” number (NOTE: It is normally a 5 digit PIN number) as you will have to immediately send us at “Free From Tears” Worldwide Inititiative that PIN number through email.



Step 5 – Email us at “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative the “Secure PIN” number for your transfer (donation) and mention also your 2cash Network account username and the amount donated

  • You then will email us at “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative the “Secure PIN” number that you have copied in your email generated by 2cash system. Also include your 2cash Network username and the amount that was transferred (donated).
  • Example of your email content to us: 2cash Username JohnDoe68, Amount $80, Secure PIN 91347.
  • “Free From Tears” Worldwide Initiative official email address is



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